Proposal Writing Success

Proposal Writing Success means converting more proposals
into more Sales.

Before you create another proposal, watch this video. It may change your attitude about Proposal Writing.



The first word in “proposal” is “pro.”

This Proposal Writing website contains important information on the three key elements of writing successful proposals – Writing, Proposals, and Selling.


If you are in sales, you are probably proud of the company you work for and the products or services you sell. In your own modest way, you are probably proud of your sales skills and your success.

This website shows you how to include writing skills as a clear example of your selling skills. The proposals you write become a “product” you want your clients and customers to buy.


Sales and Marketing professionals need to know, understand and focus on the relationship of the 17 QUALITIES OF PROPOSALS. Without those qualities, proposal writing turns into wasted time and erosion of image.


The third component – selling – is often neglected in proposals.

You may do a great job of selling your clients in person or on the phone. But, do the proposals you send or deliver match your oral skills?

Proposals actually sell for you when you are not in front of your clients.

Do you want to gamble sales on proposals that do not live up to the pride you take in your company, your products or services and yourself?

What is your close ratio with proposals telling you about the quality and power of your proposals?

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If you invest time and effort in creating proposals, you should get a better
Return On Your Investment.

Invest in your sales team and their efforts.

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