Proposal Writing Better

I bet you $100.00 that I can improve the quality of the next proposal you write.

I know.

You think your proposals are perfect.

How do I know that?

You send them to your clients, don’t you?

I know you wouldn’t send anything unless it were perfect.

But I’m still willing to bet $100.00 that I can improve them.

Watch this video to see why and how I can make such a bold bet and how you can’t lose.


Here is the most important reason you need perfect proposals.

Your proposals represent you when you are not in front of your clients.

They need to be clear, concise, complete, correct, and conversational.

And, your proposals must represent you, your product, your service, and your company in the most positive and professional way.

I can offer you hundreds of testimonials from satisfied clients for the quality of my work. I only need one – yours. That’s why I’m willing to bet you $100. You can’t lose.

Let me give you another reason why I’m so confident that I can improve your proposals.

I have spent the last 25 years helping people find and eliminate The Seven Roadblocks to Good Writing. I will give you another hundred dollars if you can find any book, college course, or seminar that discusses those Seven Roadblocks.

Besides eliminating the Seven Roadblocks, I provide the additional checks on 10 areas of writing that many people are not aware of or ignore.

These 10 areas are:

  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar

  • Tone

  • Structure

  • Flow

  • Vocabulary

  • Style

  • Rhythm

  • Format


This offer applies to business owners, salespeople, speakers, consultants, coaches, and executives who do not offer writing, editing, or proofreading services.

To see if you qualify, please complete the form below and you will receive complete instructions on where and how to submit you proposal for editing.