Proposal Editing

Proposal Writing Success Requires Expert Editing

Successful Proposal Writing Relies on Knowing  Specific, Easy, and Powerful Editing Techniques

Before your clients measure you on the  proposals you submit, let Proposal Writing Expert, Al Borowski, evaluate and edit them on the following seven points:

Are they:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Correct
  • Complete
  • Conversational
  • Client-focused
  • Quick and easy-to read

Stop leaving money on the table because your proposals don’t meet those standards.

Here’s the hidden benefit of this service.

If Al can’t open what you e-mail him or if he can open the attachment and
can’t make sense out out what he receives, what makes you think your clients will shower you with contracts?

Al knows what to look for. He brings more than 30 years of sales, sales management, writing, editing, training, and coaching experience to your Proposal Writing efforts.

A set of trained Proposal Writing eyes can mean the difference between and
wasted time.

For example, how would you edit this sentence to make it clear and concise?

“There are many benchmarks that we use to keep your project on time.”

No cheating now.

Edit it in your head or on paper.

Then, click Great Proposal Writing Editing  for the edited version.

Proposal Writing Expert, Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP can make a difference with your important proposals.

Contact Al Now

Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP
Certified Speaking Professional
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