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Proposal Writing: Grammar Checkers Improve Proposal Writing

If you write, edit, evaluate, or proofread proposals, you should learn the hidden benefits of using grammar checkers.

Even professional proposal writers fall into old habits that result in writing mistakes or omissions that could make or break proposal writing success.

Grammar checkers are not perfect. We all know that.

But, they can prove valuable.

Proposal Writing: How To Make Your Proposals Attractive To Your Clients

Successful Proposal Writing requires you to make your proposals attractive as well as informative.

You can make your proposals more attractive in at least three ways.

PROPOSAL WRITING: 21st Century Proposal Writing Strategies

Proposal writing strategies that meet 21st century standards depend on one overriding principle.

You must be passionate about creating proposals that sell for you when you are not in front of your clients.

PROPOSAL WRITING: Proposal Writing Tips From a Priest’s Sermon

Proposal writing bears quite a resemblance to a sermon.

A recent sermon at a special Catholic mass, brought this message home clearly and loudly.

Let me give you a few details of the event that related to proposal writing.

Proposal Writing…Common Mistakes in Proposal Writing

Is Proposal Writing a tool you use to bring in sales or a task that may be wasting your time?

Let’s examine the top 10 mistakes people make when they assume they are
writing a proposal.

Proposal Writing: Stop Wasting Your Time With RFPs

Proposal writing, many times, leads to wasted time, wasted effort, and wasted information. All this waste occurs when salespeople mistake an RFP for an immediate call to write a proposal.

Before you begin the proposal writing process, carefully consider what RFP means to your clients or prospects. You might save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort.

Proposal Writing: How To Get Your Proposals To Sell For You

Proposal Writing becomes easier, more powerful and more productive when
you follow some easy tips your English teacher never told you.

Proposal Writing: Learn Lessons From Lawyers – Really

Proposal writing success means your clients read, understand, remember, and act positively on your proposal because you are “talking their language.”

Your proposal writing proves to them you understand their situation, their way of doing business, and their needs.

“Talking their language” also means you use words they know, understand,
and use.

Proposal Writing: Proposal Writing Strategies Learned From Dirty Harry and Magnum, P. I.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “How can this guy possibly tie a renegade San Francisco police detective and a Hawaiian beach bum/Naval Intelligence Officer/private  investigator into a discussion about proposal writing.”

How could two fictional characters who never wrote a proposal teach me anything about creating a successful proposal?

Proposal Writing: Proposal Writing Sometimes Resembles Driving in Freezing Rain

Comparing proposal writing and freezing rain might seem far fetched. But a short explanation might help you look at your proposal writing in a different light.

Proposal Writing: Proposal Writing Samples Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Proposal writing samples seem to offer a quick and easy way to prepare a
proposal. However, proposal writing involves more than a format or an
outline to be successful. This is particularly true for business proposal writing.

Proposal Writing: Proposal Writing Samples May Improve Your Proposals

Proposal writing samples can sometimes offer help in getting started with your Proposal Writing tasks.  But, you should always check a number of samples to see which fits better into your industry, client base, or image you wish to project.

Proposal Writing samples you find on the web can fall into several

Proposal Writing: Three Tips For Winning More Business

Proposal Writing becomes a little more focused and a lot more productive
when you follow the following tips.

Proposal Writing: Why People Struggle with Writing

Proposal Writing can pose a struggle to many sales people . And, because
of that, they waste a lot of time, become frustrated, and do not get the
results they want or expect.

Let me share with you several reasons why so many business professionals
struggle with writing.

Proposal Writing:Getting Inside Your Clients’ Heads

Successful proposal writing means getting inside your clients’ heads two different ways.

Proposal Writing: Clear Proposals

Let’s be clear on being clear in your proposals.

You need to be clear on five points.

Proposal Writing Tip: Keep it Conversational

Please don’t make the same mistake many people make when writing a proposal.
Proposal writing is not an academic assignment.

In college, you write one way; in business, you write an entirely different way.

Proposal Writing: Stop Struggling and Start Succeeding

Many people struggle with writing. And, because of that, they waste a lot of time, become frustrated, and do not get the results they want or expect from their proposals.

Let me share with you several reasons why so many business professionals struggle with their writing.

Proposal Writing: Academic Ghosts Get in the Way of Effective Proposals

Proposal Writing can suffer if we believe everything our English teachers taught us.

Perhaps what they taught us and what we remembered were completely different. And that difference hampers us when we try to create effective proposals.

Proposal Writing: Effective Listening Skills Improve Chances of Success

Listening skills training, for some reason, is not high on the hit parade of topics in a typical sales training agenda.

Most sales people are trained to give presentations, to overcome objections, or to give or ask questions or information.

Listening skills training, when taught, is covered in the remaining hour of the sales training agenda.

To help sales people understand the importance of listening in the sales process, let’s talk about how we listen.

Proposal Writing:How To Squeeze The Most Profit From Your Proposal Writing Efforts

Proposal writing can either create increased profits or drain your resources, time, and budget.

Squeezing profits from your proposal writing efforts demands paying attention to three significant disciplines.

Proposal Writing Tip: Deliver Your Proposal in Person

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I can’t do that all the time.

My clients want me to FEDEX it or e-mail it.

Great. If that’s what the clients want, give them what they want the way they want. But, recognize that your chances for success increase dramatically if you deliver it in person.